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What is Findability?

Findability is the quality of a website to be easily discovered by both users and search engines. In a world with more than 1.6 billion sites, ensuring that yours is more easily findable than your competitors’ can make a big difference for your business.

There are two aspects of a website’s findability: on-site findability and external findability.

• On-site findability has to do with how easily can a prospective customer find the information they are searching for in a specific site. This is achieved by user-centered web design.

• External findability, on the other hand, this has to do with how easily your website is found on search engines. External findability is a matter of strategic branding and search engine optimization.

The bottom line is: can your prospective customers or visitors find your site? Can they find the content they want once they have arrived at your website? Even if they have been misdirected by a link or a search engine to the wrong page?