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What is ICO marketing?

ICO marketing is the process of building a buzz around your Initial Coin Offering. Cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular topics these days, and even though we’re in a bear market, there are plenty of crypto fanatics out there. If you’re still holding onto your crypto, good for you — that’s the kind of willpower you’ll need when it comes to ICO marketing.

Standing out from the rest of the ICO projects on the web at the moment can be challenging. You’ve got to let people know what makes you different, and why your project is going to be a success. Sometimes you can have a lackluster project and simply get away with being incredibly popular, although it isn’t ideal to hope for that.

More “traditional” when compared to the usual financial marketing process, ICO marketing calls for a specific set of skills. The SEC even claims that ICO marketers are “gatekeepers.” It’s true, as they are always trying to protect the interests of investors before anything else.