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What is Organic Search?

The term organic search is relatively recent, but since it was first used in 2004, it has become a massively popular expression within the SEO community. It refers to all those search terms that people enter on a search engine’s search bar that yield unpaid search results. The results rendered are based on relevance to users’ search query, links, and domain authority.

The best way to make sure you appear at the top of search engine result pages is by implementing natural or organic practices. Although it may take longer to obtain results, once you reach the first page of search results, you just need to stay consistent on your SEO practices to keep your rankings.

Crawlers are most interested in finding relevant and high-quality content to be displayed when a search query is made. Making your website easy for crawlers to navigate is key when optimizing your website. Executing keyword optimization and link building strategies is essential to improve your site’s performance and increase its visibility among SERPs.