What is Qualified Traffic?

What is Qualified Traffic?

Attracting visitors is the perfect indication that your SEO efforts are paying off. However, are you driving relevant traffic to your site? In other words, is the traffic qualified?

Qualified traffic refers to users who effectively make purchasing decisions when entering your website. They are not just visiting the site but are potential customers interested in buying what you’re offering.

Although writing quality content and placing online ads can work, there are other elements that you need to pay attention to. For example, if you fail to connect with your readers, chances are you won’t drive qualified organic traffic to your site.

The term ‘qualified,’ however, doesn’t mean the same for every SEO company since not all of them share the same goal. Depending on what that objective is, website owners will define their own parameters for what qualified traffic is.

How Can I Measure Qualified Traffic?

Evaluating your site’s conversion rate is essential when determining qualified traffic. That factor will tell you if you’re succeeding in attracting the right people to your business.

Nowadays, marketing automation software exists to help you understand user behaviour within your pages. They let you track two main metrics:

  –  Visitor to lead (VTL) conversion rate. This tells you how many visitors have recently become possible leads (prospective customers interested in your products or services). If your VTL is low, it’s a sign that your website is not driving qualified traffic.

  –  Lead to customer (LTC) conversion rate. This metric allows you to determine how many users are converting. It’s the perfect metric to know if your marketing efforts are bearing fruits. A low LTC could be catastrophic. It can mean that your marketing efforts are not driving the right traffic, but worse it could be that your sales strategy is not working.

Estimating these two parameters will pave the way for your site’s optimization. Depending on your goal and the results you obtained, you can implement the appropriate SEO strategies to take your business to the next level. If possible, work alongside your SEO company and come up with strategies to increase qualified traffic and convert them into sales.