What is Query Deserves Diversity?

What is Query Deserves Diversity?

It’s commonly known that search engines (especially Google) use hundreds of ranking factors to influence search results. Mainly, four groups encompass all those metrics:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Performance SEO,
  • SERP analysis

Within each group, there are different aspects that search engines take into consideration when ranking and indexing sites.

Query Deserves Diversity (QDD) is an algorithm that SEO experts believe is implemented by Google to adjust results to provide broader match results to searchers.

How does Query Deserves Diversity work?

The primary purpose of QDD is to display relevant results pertaining to specific queries but in a broader spectrum. It shows a varied set of results that meet different needs, even though it’s not entirely sure of what the particular searcher intent is.

Google has a user-feedback feature that it uses to understand the requirements surrounding a given query. Thanks to that tool, the search engine is able to identify that queries are not always that evident. QDD allows Google to provide a more diverse array of results when searcher intent is not evident.

Google also monitors what users do after results for a search query are retrieved. It knows everything from where your mouse is pointing at to how many search results you are clicking on. On top of that, if you have the Google Analytics feature enabled on your site, the search engine is able to draw data from it as well.

By combining all of those processes, Google can get a sense of what users are both doing and searching. Thus, it’s able to understand specific user intent and display results that are relevant to that.