What is Query Deserves Freshness?

What is Query Deserves Freshness?

Query Deserves Freshness (QDF) is another part of Google’s core algorithm used for ranking search results. Everything trendy and newsworthy falls into the QDF category.

Google uses it all the time to display time-sensitive information. It shows relevant events that are happening over a short period. It’s the algorithm responsible for displaying news articles, live events, concerts, conferences, elections, etc.

Crawlers continually can and will index everything on the web, from photos to texts. Thus, they are always up to date about what’s happening in the world (regarding user queries). Therefore, they are able to provide relevant, timely, and specific results that match user intent.

How Can I Use QDF to My Advantage?

When the algorithm was first introduced, not everyone was happy. For some sites, it meant a loss in ranking and visibility on SERPs. However, for others, it served as a boost in those same aspects. So, what is the difference between those sites?

QDF is an indication that a particular site’s content is trendy and up to date. The search engine started to favor those posts and articles that were touching relevant and current topics. For some, this didn’t pose any problem. Twitter and Facebook, for example, weren’t affected by the algorithm since their content is always up to date.

That being said, you can implement a few strategies to leverage QDF to your benefit:

  –  Take a look at your most popular existing content. Select those pieces that had the biggest number of likes, impressions, etc., and work on updating them. Include new information that maybe wasn’t available at the time of its publication.

  –  Share your content in your social media channels to increase exposure. Let your readers know every time you publish new content.

  –  If your site stands out for delivering trendy information, keep an eye on content frequency. Nowadays, users want to be on top of everything. If you specialize in giving readers useful information, try to shorten your publishing period between articles.

  –  Reinvent yourself and find new creatives ways to deliver content. With all the tools available these days, resorting to more engaging and compelling ways to share information is vital. Writing a post full of text is not enough in this ever-expanding digital world. You can use images, videos, GIFs; and other media to stand out from your competitors.