What is SEO Marketing? Art or Science?

What is SEO Marketing? Art or Science?

Basically, SEO marketing is the art and science of increasing visibility, traffic, conversions and brand awareness online. It relies on the use of specialized tools to analyze a website from all possible perspectives. This helps find correlations between its elements and ranking factors. An SEO then uses this information to effectively impact the right factors and help clients achieve their goals efficiently.

However, clients might have completely different things in mind when deciding it is time to create a website. An online store will not merely need increased traffic. Visits for them are of no use if they don´t convert into sales. Contrastingly, an organization focused on raising awareness on certain social issues will have different definitions for conversion. They usually want people to share their content or create mailing lists. Many also seek to turn visitors into activists without necessarily having to make a single sale.

SEO Marketing as Science

A good online marketing agency will always focus on measurable data in order to create their strategies. These should focus on specific processes that have a direct impact on concrete aspects that need improvement. When designing a strategy, you need to know where all your resources are going. You also need to have a clear grasp of the time it will take to see results.

This is why it is so important to avoid doing business with anyone who speaks in vague terms about what they can do for you. Ambiguity means that they will always put the blame on something out of their control, even you, when they start missing goalposts.

Expert SEO marketers will always show you relevant data and specific actions that clearly impact the variables that affect you.

SEO Marketing as Art

But SEO marketing does not stop there. Most departments within an SEO Agency depend on the plan devised by marketing strategists. Marketing specialists are also in charge of the approach that the design, content, development and SEO departments will take with each client.

Typically, SEOs study a client´s competitors, new trends in design and content creation, and even current political and social events. Then, with the help of the latest tools and apps available, they determine the course of action a company should take. They´re the ones who decide what a new website should look like, what tone should the content have, what topics to avoid, and how the general user experience should be. They also recommend general courses of action. These include organizing special events, discovering sponsoring opportunities, setting up sweepstakes campaigns, sending out press releases, and everything that might have an impact on how the public perceives their client.

Beyond Data and Branding

Of course, it all must be constantly measured and pondered. Calculating risks and opportunities and making sure every action affects the brand positively is always part of the job. That is why constant communication with the client is key. All actions, results and data must be gathered in comprehensive reports and delivered periodically. It not only serves as a tool for directing marketing efforts. But it also shows clients where their dollars are spent and if that spending is justified.

This means that SEO marketing is much more than just selling. It is both a science and an art. We use objective data to design strategies aimed to meet your organization´s goals. Then, we measure the results in real time so you always know how your investment impacts your overall performance. But it is also an art that transforms your product or brand in the eyes of your audience. This creates trust and foster customer loyalty for years to come.