What is Social Media Marketing?

What is Social Media Marketing?

With the internet’s rapid rising, social media is becoming more and more influential these days. Currently, there are an estimated 2.7 billion social media users worldwide. This represents an enormous array of opportunities for your business to grow if you leverage your social media channels effectively.

How can you do this? With Social Media Marketing or “SMM.” Social media marketing involves creating and sharing content on – you guessed it –your (business’s) social media networks. This can help you reach and interact with your prospects directly and achieve your marketing and branding goals.

SMM consists of creating and posting different types of content in one or several social media networks and promoting content through paid partnerships and sponsorships to drive user engagement. It’s a fresh way to deliver content and keep your target audience engaged and interested in your brand.

Before starting an SMM campaign, it’s imperative that you set goals. Going into it without clear objectives is a recipe for failure. Ask yourself a series of questions to get a better sense of what you want to achieve.

  –  Who is your target audience? If you have an already established business, you should know this already. If not, it’s time you do. Clearly identify who your market is and tailor your content accordingly.

  –  Where is your audience located? and how do they use social media? These questions are fundamental. They will help you define which strategies you can implement to reach out to them effectively.

  –  What message do you want to send to your readers? You need to know how you want to be portrayed. How you come across to your audience is essential if you want your campaign to thrive.

The platform or platforms you use and the type of content you publish will be settled once you have answered all those questions.

What are the benefits of using social media as a marketing platform?

If done right, social media marketing can help you:

  –  Boost your website traffic. People spend most of their time on their phones these days. If they see valuable and relevant content, they won’t hesitate to read it and share it. The right social media strategy for your brand can increase your conversion rate.

  –  Increase brand awareness. If your business is starting, this strategy can work flawlessly for you. Your main goal should be the creation of your brand identity and its subsequent associations.

  –  Reach your audience directly. Relating to them in a humanly way is excellent for building your brand identity and for eliciting positive brand association.

A strategic social media marketing campaign can bring great success for your business, turning followers into brand advocates and increasing sales.