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What is the importance of ICO marketing services?

Whenever crypto is in a bear market, and people are scared, it’s time to purchase assets and pursue projects. If you see all the money floating around in the crypto space and are interested in starting an ICO, now is the perfect time to do so. There will be less competition, and if you get rooted in the crypto community well enough, you’ll reap the profits on the next bull run.

Not only that, but you just have to get your project out there to have any chance at success. If you don’t properly market your ICO, people won’t know about it. That means you’ll have trouble finding investors. It’s somewhat like selling a retail product, except you’ve got to do a lot more research.

ICOs can be a great way to churn a profit as both a project founder and investor, but only if the marketing is on point. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ICO projects released annually. Very few of them reach the point of actually launching, and even fewer of them will find success in the future.