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What metrics should be tracked?

Engagement matters to SEO because it allows search engines to find websites that are excelling at eliciting a reaction from their users. This means that what you post sparks the interest of those who reach your site. Depending on your platform or business type, the metrics that you should track can vary. However, there are a few that work in almost any context.

• Pageviews. As the name indicates, this metric shows how many times users have seen a webpage on your site. You can measure pageviews using Google Analytics.

• Most viewed content. Blog posts or articles that have been seen the most for a given period can be a powerful metric to track.

• New vs. returning customers/visitors. It’s good to keep an eye on these figures. They are both a sign of quality content and attractive offers.

• Time people spend on your site. This can help you determine if your content is boring or exciting. Also, it is the perfect metric to use for future content planning.

• Conversion rate (a visitor taking the desired action once they reach your site). This is also tracked through Google Analytics, and it’s the most important metric to consider. Conversion doesn’t necessarily mean a purchase. It can also refer to a visitor signing up for your newsletter, downloading a guide or e-book, filling out a form, or another desired action.