How Will Brexit Affect SEO?

How Will Brexit Affect SEO?

After the British decided to leave the European Union, people around the world have been left with a big question mark on top of their heads. What does it mean for business? How will it affect our economy? And, more importantly for those in our line of work, How Will Brexit Affect SEO?

Many people fear the effects it will have on businesses, not only those located in Britain and the rest of the European countries but also those headquartered in America who have important assets on English soil.

People didn’t expect the United Kingdom to leave the European Union, not even those it voted for it. So, the outcome of the last referendum caught everyone with their pants down.

This new scenario will apparently be marked by economic recession as investors have brought most of their activities to a halt in wait for a clearer horizon, or until they figure out where to put their money safely.

There have been many voices calling it a doomsday, while others only advise caution to investors. However, we know from past experiences that, in times of economic recession, those who take advantage of online marketing and SEO campaigns can actually benefit from this new map of Europe. Take it this way: from an Austrian economics point of view, a recession is nothing more than a relocation of all business opportunities.

It is like our deck of cards is being reshuffled, and having the right SEO firm at your side is like being able to have a peek at the cards as they are being dealt.

Let´s see the possible opportunities opened by the unintended effects of Brexit on SEO

New Local Markets

Given that many companies are now uncertain about where to invest, many local markets will start seeing less competition in some areas. Providers might start to be scarce if capital starts flowing in new directions but customers will not stop demanding your products. If you´re smart you could fill up any vacuum left by companies that decided to invest elsewhere.

Knowing this, thorough research might lead you to discover whole regions that have become less competitive because of the retreat or vacillation of investors who are still deciding if opening headquarters in, say London, is still a good idea.

Major Shifts in keyword competition

It is given that people won´t stop searching for your products during a recession, but many competitors will be cutting back on marketing efforts to rank. Uncertainty might cause some companies to stop investing in online campaigns until their marketing teams tell them where to put their money next. This is where expert and well-informed SEO agencies shine. Anyone with a keen eye will notice changes in the value of keywords that are useful for their clients but were unattractive before Brexit or any other recession took place.

SEO Cost-effectiveness

Periods of economic uncertainty bring budget cuts almost everywhere as companies want to save their money for better times. Everyone knows that marketing departments are the first ones to suffer the effects of frugality. SEO campaigns can be easily adjusted to cost reductions with little to no effect while being able to remain as effective as always. In fact, they might even provide new opportunities as competition shifts as mentioned above.

Changes in consumer behaviour

If central banks resort to palliative measures, such as expansionary monetary policies that ultimately result in inflation, consumers will try to find cheaper ways to buy the products and services they want. Online shopping is the cheapest way to buy and sell. This means that online businesses with strong SEO campaigns will benefit greatly, while competition that relies on more traditional business models will start to lag behind. It has been proven over and over again that web commerce is a safe haven for those in need of ROI.


You can always benefit from any situation. Many wonder how will Brexit affect SEO behaviour, but it does not have to be for the bad. As an SEO company, you can take advantage of the market shifts and offer your clients the best solutions to rank higher and reach more customers. Serious SEO agencies will always have good news for you in times of uncertainty.