The Dangers of Using Cheap SEO Services

The Dangers of Using Cheap SEO Services

Using Cheap SEO Services

Increasingly, perhaps the most important part of your business is your website. Your website is often the most visible part of your company, to get you new leads and business, and once set up, it should run for you 24/7 every day of the year. Regarding cost, it is easily the cheapest employee you will ever have. And yet, so many people try to take shortcuts and save money on their website by using cheap SEO services.

Unfortunately, there are many companies out there who will sell you the dream of achieving the number one spot on Google for $50 per month. If you’ve ever heard the saying “if it’s too good to be true…” that certainly applies in this situation. And for those of you that take the bait, the cost to your business could be huge, potentially catastrophic. Before being sucked into some of those wonderful bargain basement deals, let us try to explain the risks and realities of using cheap SEO services.


The Mystery of Google

The cold, harsh reality, which hardly any SEO company will tell you, is that the only people who truly know Google’s search engine algorithms are those who work at the search engine giant. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a rulebook to follow, Google and the other search engines regularly publish their search engine guidelines. But that is exactly what they are; guidelines, and those can change at Google’s whim.

It takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to fully understand and implement those guidelines, and this applies for every site that a company provides SEO services. Consider the quality of work a company will be providing for $50.00 a month. For the uninitiated, that’s a squalid amount of money, especially for something so serious.
Regardless of whether or not you decide to utilize our services for your business, SEO should be considered an investment in your business rather than an unnecessary expenditure. You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who charged $50 for a full service (or maybe you would, but it would be a bad idea), when the going rate was $300 everywhere else. Your brain would be screaming at you NO!!, this isn’t worth the risk and the same is certainly true when it comes to SEO.

Danger 1 Becoming Deindexed

This is not said to scare you, or make you concerned, but it is important that you fully understand the worse case scenario. Whilst it is important to mention that there are other search engines, the reality is that Google is king and you are playing on Google’s playground. This means that you play by their rules, and should you choose to break their rules, they can simply kick you out. In SEO terms this means that you have been deindexed. In essence when someone searches for a particular keyword in Google, possibly pertaining to your site, your website won’t appear. You don’t exist and obviously that’s disastrous for your business.

The reality is that it’s now incredibly difficult to rank your site again for a particular keyword. Without being clever it is highly unlikely that your cheap SEO company will either care, or have the technical know-how to even begin the process. The fact is, would you really want to entrust that job to them in the first place?

Danger 2 Loss of Trust

Forget the internet for a second and think of your local main street. There are certain stores you visit daily, maybe a small coffee shop, or a butcher, and you go there because you enjoy their product, first and foremost, but secondly because they have built up an element of trust. You could pop into Starbucks, but perhaps you want to support your local business or you just prefer their coffee.

But if you waited all day for a coffee, got there and the shop unexpectedly closed early, would you rush to visit that coffee shop the next day? At the very least, if it happened more than once you would lose faith in that coffee shop and might stop visiting it. This analogy is exactly the same if your site disappears from Google. Once people discover that Google has removed you, they don’t particularly care what the reasons are. In life it is very easy to lose a good reputation, and very difficult to recover from a bad one. Using cheap SEO services will destroy online trust very quickly, even if another company is able to get your site back on Google.

Danger 3 Poor Quality Content

This next one can apply to the search engines or just to your customers. One of the things Google and the other search engines like to see is new quality content, appearing on a regular basis. Some of the $50.00 SEO companies will promise to deliver that content for you as a part of the deal. Again think about the quality of the content you are going to get. Either it will be spun content, which basically means they take an original article, run it through a computer program, which takes its best guess at rewriting the article so it appears original but in most cases reads very poorly. Or, they pay someone to write content, which again is likely to be of very poor quality, considering the investment made.

Remember your website is where customers often form their first impression of you and your brand. If the content is total rubbish, or full of spelling and grammatical errors, then it isn’t going to inspire any potential clients to choose you. Once again, that cheap $50.00 a month deal could cost you significantly.

Danger 4 Poor Quality Links

The internet is a series of computers all joined together. Sites link to other sites, and should someone find a really good piece of content on your site, others will link to you, but all links are not created equal. A link from a site such as the BBC is of significantly greater value than one from a website that has been running for two days. The BBC has authority and by linking to you, it is in essence transferring some of that authority to you. It’s almost like a recommendation. Some of the cheap SEO services will add your website to other sites with no authority. You might well get an initial boost in the search engines, almost like a false start in a car race. Eventually Google will figure this out and you will sink to page 743 without trace. Google is a huge company, with billions of dollars and the best systems in place to ensure their business remains at the very top. Someone charging $50.00 per month is not going to be able to out think or outsmart the biggest internet search engine on the planet.


There is no getting away from the fact that SEO can benefit your business. Done properly and by following Google’s guidelines you can move up in search engine rankings. But there are no shortcuts, it takes time, effort and doing things the proper way. As a business person, you want your work to be professional and trusted, this is how your company will grow and flourish. By trying to take a shortcut, or employing risky SEO tactics to try and outsmart the system, you are taking a huge risk with your business, as well as demonstrating to potential clients that your judgement is flawed. Whoever you decide to employ for your SEO needs (hopefully that’s Over the Top SEO), please ensure they are doing things properly, and don’t be tempted by the cheap route, as it could be the most expensive business decision you ever make.