Why We All Need to Pay Attention to Amazon Advertising

Why We All Need to Pay Attention to Amazon Advertising

Amazon is absolutely incredible and is taking up so many different sectors in the world. It seems as if they have their footprints in so many different things globally. Jeff Bezos, the CEO, is so smart with his decisions and they continue to amaze investors. They are acquiring huge companies and continuing their own growth. Now, there are getting into advertising as there is a ton of money to be made there. They are making so much money.

Key Takeaways:

  • The company is taking itself to levels that have never been achieved by anyone else.
  • The CEO of the company is one of the most brilliant mans on the face of this planet.
  • The company has no intention of slowing down their ability to put their stamp on every sector in the world.

“We dug into what Amazon advertising looks like today, what it could look like in the future — and what retailers advertising on Amazon or thinking about it should do to optimize their efforts.”

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