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What is Organic Rank?

Millions of people use search engines every day to find information about practically anything. Whether their purpose is to make a purchase, educate themselves on a specific topic, or for mere entertainment. For website owners, earning a top spot among the first page of search results can be challenging, but not impossible.

Getting your business to show up on the first results page is every website owner’s dream. After all, studies have shown that only 10% of searchers go to the second or third page when looking for information.

If your site ranks high among the SERPs without the need for paid advertising, we are talking about organic ranking. It’s the result of optimizing your site and its content for search engines. This can bring a wealth of benefits for your business.

How do you improve your organic rank?

The first step you need to take is to determine where your website stands right now. By understanding how you rank against your competitors, you’ll be able to see where you need to improve and start the optimization process with a solid base. Many online tools allow you to check this (SEO auditing tools). And even search engines provide tools for webmasters and site owners to evaluate websites’ performance. You can use these tools to monitor your site’s performance and make the necessary adjustments.

After you have gained a sense of awareness on what you are doing right (and wrong), you can proceed to take the required actions. Three elements are considered the backbone of SEO: content, backlinks, and keyword optimization. Mastering all of them will boost your site’s traffic, ranking, and authority among SERPs.

High-quality and relevant content is absolutely fundamental to make your website stand out. There are many sites out there that bring little to no value. Search engines take this matter seriously and are always analyzing if your site’s content truly answers search queries and if it does it well. Keep your target audience in mind and tailor your pieces accordingly. Cater to their emotions and needs to boost your conversion rate and enhance user experience.

A well-done link building strategy is vital to increase your site’s authority. By linking to pages that are respected among their industry, you’ll be passing some of that authority to yours. Make yourself recognized as an expert within your field, and you’ll drive a considerable amount of traffic to your site in no time.

Lastly, target your keywords strategically. Focus on keyword research and choose the terms that best suit your site and your niche, and optimize your site and its content for those keywords. Also, be mindful of your target market and what they want.