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Making your website to be as fast as possible, is not only for user experience purposes. You should know that Google highly appreciates fast loading times making it a decisive factor when ranking pages. Every second counts when it comes to loading a landing page.


79% of users never visit a website again if they encounter performance issues, and there is a 7% drop in conversion rates for every 100 milliseconds it takes to load a page (that´s a 70% drop for EVERY second).


Fortunately, there are tools that help you locate any problem you are having.


The PageSpeed Insights Optimization by Google is a tool that locates all the factors currently bringing your website’s speed down.


Now, taking care of these issues requires hard work and deep knowledge.


Here is a list of some of the things that might be affecting your site´s speed.


Critical Render Path

Server Response Time

Browser Caching

Minimize Redirects

Optimize CSS and javascript


Bad Requests

Keep-Alive feature

Image Optimization

Web fonts


and much more

Why PageSpeed Insights Optimization is crucial for your Website?
Nowadays, a website is not just a few pages with simple content and one or two images. Different platforms are being used for a Website creation (Such as WordPress), a very large number of plugins is required to optimize SEO, Presentation, User-Interface, Sidebar configuration, Interlinking, Customizing Menus, Newsletter integration, Subscribers List, subscription forms and other important features that help you with your marketing efforts.

When people visit your website, their browsers load all these features. Meaning that the more you use, the more time they will consume to get loaded. With a PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service, not only you will be able to pinpoint every problem you are having, but it can all be fixed and optimized in order to provide your visitors with an excellent browsing experience.

This means you will have a lightning fast website, drastically reduced bounce rates, increased conversions and, as a bonus, higher rankings as Google loves fast load times.

Let us get more into detail. PageSpeed Insights Optimization regularly focuses in very specific areas of a website.
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1 – Critical Rendering Path


Google defines it as “the code and resources that are required to render the initial view of a web page“. Did not understand much? Let’s break this sentence word by word!


– Critical / It is absolutely needed


– Render / Show (When a page is rendered, it means that it is being displayed)


– Path / The precise chain of events that must be executed for a webpage to be displayed by your browser


– Initial View / The part of a website which is visible to the user without scrolling. Also called “above the fold”


In other words, Critical Rendering Path is the chain of events that are being executed in order for a user to see the “above the fold” area of a webpage in a browser.


2 – Server Response Time


Two actions are being calculated in order to get the Server Response Time:


When a web browser makes a request from your server

And when the server responds to that request


The only way to improve the Server Response Time with the PageSpeed Insights Optimization service, is either to use your Host Server more efficiently or upgrade to a better hosting and hardware. Our is to unlock the full potential of your web hosting, or to point to better alternatives.


3 – Browser Caching


In simple words, the Browser Caching is what your browser can remember. After visiting a store or a restaurant a few times, you stop asking where the bathroom is. You just remember.


The same thing applies for browsers. If you correctly leverage browser caching, your PageSpeed goes up as browsers “remember” the elements of your website.


4 – Minimize Redirects


Sometimes, using redirects makes your life much easier. However, Google does not like it very much. They think that it affects user experience, so it can affect your ranking, or even get you penalized.


Redirects signal browsers that the page they are looking for is no longer there and send them elsewhere. It affects load times and, depending on how they are used, make users (and Google Bots) go into dead ends, spoiling their general experience.


A good PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service is able to clean up all the redirections you use, and only keep the ones you really need!


5 – Image Optimization


This is very straight-forward. As large images need more time to load, they cripple down your load speed!


This makes it important to use correct dimensions for your images and to ALWAYS compress them. Our PageSpeed Insights Optimization Service includes image optimization, which will help you improve the speed of your website for quick and visible results.


This is not an optional service. If you want to rank, PageSpeed optimization is maybe the most important step you should take as most other metrics will depend on it.  


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