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7 E-commerce SEO Tips to practice in 2015

E-commerce SEO Tips E-commerce is the art of selling online. But is that it? You have an idea, you have great products to sell, what next? An online store is the answer to sell online. But this is just the beginning. e-commerce SEO is quite challenging and much more than just having an online presence. … Read more

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5 powerful tips to rank your website higher in search engine rankings

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most essential tools of improving your website rankings. Ever since the first major algorithmic change in Google’s search engine rankings called Panda, back in 2011, the field of SEO has changed dramatically. What was considered an industry-standard is now completely useless. Google has kept on continuing improving its … Read more

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5 benefits of Facebook Marketing for businesses

Gone were the days when social media was used as a platform for sharing content. With over 1 billion+ user base and 850+ million active users, the brains behind Facebook proved just how well they can use this database of ever-growing community for business advertisements and promotions. Just recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced 2+ million businesses … Read more

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Top 10 myths surrounding SEO debunked

Myths Surrounding SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most imperative marketing practices that a business needs to do in the digital world of marketing. What was once considered industry practice, has now been completely shunned with the algorithmic changes to Google. However, just like many other fields, SEO has myths attached to … Read more