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Organic website traffic: tips to boost your visits

Organic website traffic: how do we increase it?   Organic website traffic, and the ways to increase it, is a challenge every company on the internet faces. Although all Professional SEO experts know it is the most important kind of traffic, many still struggle with this aspect of website optimization. The type of traffic driven … Read more

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Best SEO Company: find it in three easy steps

Best SEO Company for you: Three Steps to Hire   Looking for the best SEO company nowadays can be a dreadful task. With the sudden expansion of online marketing and the ever growing internet use, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices for company exposure have exponentially grown and evolved. Hundreds of agencies have emerged, helping lots of … Read more

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SEO Trends 2016 A Look Into the Future SEO trends 2016 equals staying ahead in online marketing technologies, at least for a while. SEO is one of the areas of knowledge that experiences the most changes and updates every year. What´s more, several of these updates depend on consumer attitudes most of the time. As … Read more

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SEO Optimization Tips for WordPress

  SEO Optimization Tips for WordPress   When it comes to setting up a blog or a WordPress website, SEO Experts and many smaller businesses choose to go with WordPress. WordPress is popular due to its flexibility as well as ease-of-use. How popular exactly? WordPress is downloaded roughly one million times every two days, is … Read more

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5 Tips To Write An Effective About Us Page

An About Us page is a vital element for any website. Whether you are an individual selling services or a giant firm, it is the About Us page that shines you amongst your competitors if done the right way. Unfortunately, this page is treated in the most terrible way possible. Many companies just copy paste … Read more

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7 E-commerce SEO Tips to practice in 2015

E-commerce SEO Tips E-commerce is the art of selling online. But is that it? You have an idea, you have great products to sell, what next? An online store is the answer to sell online. But this is just the beginning. e-commerce SEO is quite challenging and much more than just having an online presence. … Read more