5 Tips To Write An Effective About Us Page

5 Tips To Write An Effective About Us Page
An About Us page is a vital element for any website. Whether you are an individual selling services or a giant firm, it is the About Us page that shines you amongst your competitors if done the right way. Unfortunately, this page is treated in the most terrible way possible. Many companies just copy paste their intro from the printed brochures, and materials. Moreover, they do not even take the pain of hiring a good copywriter and getting a unique About Us page.

Your About Us page requires the most attention on your website and could gain you the competitive edge you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

Although your About Us page isn’t difficult to create, it is easier said than done. Many companies and individuals find it very difficult to maintain appropriate balance between selling them and highlighting their achievements.

So what are the elements of a great About Us page? Read out yourself below:

Don’t just be you, but your audience

It is an innate human nature to be ourselves and brag about our brand when it comes to the talking. But today, your About Us page should not only be about how you can help your audience, but how you can be a failure without them. You need to make them realize that it is your audience that has been able to make your brand. Stop bragging about yourself and start talking about your audience to them.

Your About Us page should be visitor-centric in every possible way. Give your audience an objective to visit your page. Start with a problem and show how you can be a cost-effective and efficient service providers for your clients.

Do talk about facts such as the number of awards you have received, and previous case studies of how you have helped clients in the past to be successful!

Show customer testimonials, preferably in video

Get feedback from your customers and show it with their image on your About Us page. It adds value from SEO perspective as images and videos reduce the bounce rate of your website. If there is a video, it would be of added value to your business and potential clients.

Don’t just stick with the text, use other multimedia content too

Don’t crowd your About Us page, but at least have high quality images, videos, timelines or other attractive content that quickly distinguishes you from your competition. Not only having multimedia increases the attractiveness of your page, but also helps in reducing the bounce rate of your website. If you are a small team, perhaps having a photo of each member having small description next to each will be quite helpful in introducing yourself to the visitors.

Be creative and use timelines to show your history and the current standings of your business and where do you see yourself within the next 5 or 10 years from now. Brands that tell story with humble beginnings are more likely to be trusted than those who simply brag about themselves. For example, companies like Unilever and P&G have modest and humble beginnings from nearly a century are more likely to have brand loyal consumers than companies not having a focused About Us page.

Big brand aren’t afraid of telling their stories. HP started from a 6 x 6 ft. of a small garage where both partners started their company by repairing radio oscilloscopes. Today, HP is a leading consumer and corporate brand manufacturing printers, scanners, digital cameras, memory cards, laptops and other IT products.

Include your address and contact details

When you are a company, you need to have a physical address with contact details. Your consumers need to know with whom they are investing and why? Most consumers do not bother mailing you on your address, but having a full address increases the level of trust and confidence amongst your consumers. If your contact details aren’t updated, you should update them now. Apart from the traditional telephone number and physical address, include your social media handles, skype details and an email address to facilitate your consumers.

Be who you are

Regardless of what you write on your About Us page, you need to be sure that it reflects you, your industry and your own business. By impressing your audience, do not deviate from the focal point of your business. Your tone and style of writing should match with the rest of the pages of your website and not differ.

You may also need to conduct your research and look out for hints and clues on Google Analytics regarding the bounce rate, keywords and other metrics for your About Us page. You will learn important information about your page to improve statistics and the conversion rate. It is the About Us page of your website where most people access and leave immediately causing a high bounce rate.


Your about page is the most vital element on your website. Do not ignore it or else you will be ignored in a sea of cut-throat competition.