Best SEO Company: find it in three easy steps

Best SEO Company: find it in three easy steps

Best SEO Company for you: Three Steps to Hire


Looking for the best SEO company nowadays can be a dreadful task. With the sudden expansion of online marketing and the ever growing internet use, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices for company exposure have exponentially grown and evolved. Hundreds of agencies have emerged, helping lots of businesses to reach success in no time while others have brought companies down. This certainly makes many business owners wary of any SEO agency that promises the earth and the sun to them.

With so many agencies to choose from, and so many SEO practice approaches, anyone could find it hard to make the right choice. It is a cold online world out there, and the fierce competition makes it even more difficult to tell good and bad SEO companies apart when it comes to choosing what’s best for your business. There are some who claim to have found the secret to instantly reach the top of google searches, and the path to millions of visitors a day. Normally, if something is too good to be true, then it must be bollocks, there are actually many agencies that truly deliver what they promise, but you need to know how to find them.
Now, how can you find the best SEO Company to improve your business? To make your search a lot less frustrating, and to avoid the traditional pitfalls, here are three basic steps you should take to choose the best SEO Company for you.

Do your research

Just a little googling will take you a long way for sure, but that is not enough. For example, typing things like ‘Best SEO Company’ or ‘Best SEO agency’ may not be as helpful as you think. After all, everyone thinks he or she is the best or at least try to make you think they are. That is actually something to be expected. Competition is hard on this field, as in any thriving industry. But no need to worry, doing your homework will certainly give you a quite extensive list of companies to choose from. Try narrowing your search by limiting the area to where your business stands. Certainly, aspiring to find the best SEO Company in your block would be not advisable, so try using cities or states in your searches. Take it from ‘Best SEO agency’ to something like ‘Best SEO agencies in Ontario’ or wherever it is you are.
Here’s a tip: take a good, hard look at the sites of the companies you intend to hire: messy or irresponsive web pages say a lot of an internet marketing company. Trust your instincts, if you see they do not have reviews, or it´s been a long time since they last updated their content or blogs, don’t go for it. After looking into various SEO company sites and judging their content and testimonials, you will likely have a list of prospects for your business. Now at this point we start phase two.

Make a call

You ended up having a nice hierarchically organized list of possible SEO services agencies. Now, a good old-fashioned phone call will do the trick. It is time for you to evaluate: How does the person who answered sound like? Do you think they are actually interested in improving your website traffic? Even the littlest things such as how they answer the phone can say a lot to you. As the one responsible for your business investments, you have a lot to lose if things turn out wrong so keep an eye out for whatever spikes your interest or rubs you the wrong way.
Good or bad, no SEO company is the same: they all have different work styles and deal with their clients in different ways. However, no matter how they decide to run their business, all good SEO companies should at some point have you talk to an agent. When this happens, it is your chance to get all the valuable information you will be using to decide whom to hire in the end, so here are a few questions you may want to have in mind when speaking to an SEO agent:

How will your SEO practices improve my website traffic?

Maybe all ways lead to Rome, but not all SEO practices lead to success. Give extra points to all those SEO agencies that openly talk about how they can improve your website traffic using understandable language. See if they really try to find out all the details of your business and what you need, so they have a game plan set for you when the time comes. Interest and good research on their behalf are essential. If they hesitate too much to answer, or you believe the approach they intend to use isn’t right for you, don’t waste your time.
Do they offer “on page” and “off page” services as part of their practices? To improve your website traffic, SEO experts must be updated with the latest changes in Google’s algorithm. Having this knowledge will definitely improve your website traffic dramatically.

What will happen in case we terminate the contract?

It is of utmost importance that you know what your SEO agency policies are regarding early contract termination in case you have the need to do so, and if they have any extra charges or fees for it. It is also a plus for you have the terms written down on the contract itself. Remember to back out if you see that a measure taken by your SEO agent does not fit your needs; it is them who should mold to you, not the other way around.
Either the contract ends, or you decide to terminate it before time, it is important to know what will happen to the optimized pages and products that have been created for you during the contract time. Hiring an SEO agency is like hiring any other service, all the optimized content you pay for is theoretically yours, meaning that your SEO agency should not be allowed to take or change any elements you have paid for improving your website traffic, even when they no longer work for you.

What type of SEO practices will you use?

Leave the secrets to the magicians, SEO practices must be out and in the open for clients to gain trust in their potential SEO team. The best SEO practices are the ones that are well thought for your company’s unique needs and demands. Plus, there’s more than one technique to use if you want your site to stand out from the crowd. Best SEO practices include the use of tools and although people may think that any tool used is Blackhat SEO, that is not necessarily true. Engineers use specially designed tools to do their job, so do SEOs.

Weigh in the odds

Up to now, your list has gotten way shorter, hasn’t it? Now the last part and maybe the most difficult one: Making an informed choice. Keep in mind that no SEO company in the world is perfect, you just have to go with your feelings and find the one for you and your business needs. The good thing is that now you have valuable information to guide you in your decision. Put things in perspective, you know your business more than anyone else, you know where the flaws and strengths are. You can now do the same with the SEO agencies you have seen and talked to. Try to hire the one that covers your deficiencies best, and you’ll do fine.


There are plenty of good SEO companies out there; all you need to do is use your critical eye to weed out the ones that won’t offer you what you are looking for. Get all the information you need before hiring a company. Remember you have the last call, and if you have a bad feeling about a company in specific, you are most likely right. There is no need to risk your business’ future. Improve your website traffic and give your business the boost it requires by finding a good company that will use the best SEO practices in their stock for your benefit.