Email Marketing in 2020: 3 Crucial Areas and the Key To Success

Email Marketing in 2020: 3 Crucial Areas and the Key To Success

Email marketing has truly stood the test of time.

By 2023, global email users are set to grow to a whopping 4.4 billion. If this doesn’t tell you that investing in email marketing strategies is the true key to success online, I don’t know what would.

To this day, the well-known fact that email marketing provides an ROI of around 4,400% remains true. Delivering your brand’s message through email is a foolproof way to better engage with your audience, earn new customers, provide personalized customer support, and enjoy dozens of other perks that other channels only dream of offering.

However, the email landscape is in constant flux. This means that cutting through the noise and coming up with effective marketing strategies can be challenging – but not impossible.

As we get into the thick of 2020, we as marketers have so much to do to catch up with the never-ending technology advances and digital marketing innovations.

All this while trying to beat our competitors!

With that in mind, here are the 3 most important areas in which you should focus your email marketing strategy this year to skyrocket your sales.

Let’s dive in

Mobile-First Optimization

By now, you should be aware of the massive importance that mobile optimization has on your marketing practices. And with email, it doesn’t fall too far behind.

Case in point: in 2019, mobile devices were responsible for 61.9% of email opens.

And yet, only a handful of email marketing campaigns these days are optimized for mobile devices.

Maybe because mobile-first optimization is not always a straightforward process. Some might say that the key to success is in writing your own HTML code so that your emails fold into a mobile-friendly format.

So, marketers need to hire professional programming services to ensure proper UX/UI.

Still, there are three routes that dedicated email marketers like you can take to bring their mobile optimization game to the next level, without worrying about complicated and time-consuming coding.

Keeping an eye on your copy and subject line

Nowadays, our attention span is getting much shorter, as we get bombarded with dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of promotional emails every day. That’s why first impressions are vital for your success.

First, optimize your subject lines so your readers can view them properly on their mobile devices. Most smartphones only show 25-30 characters of an email’s subject line. Keep the message short and straight to the point to grab your customer’s attention and increase click-through rate.

Now, you must create scannable yet relevant content for your emails. Think bulleted lists, short paragraphs, or strong sentences that best describe your offer. Your copy should be easy to understand and digest with a clear CTA front and center.

Investing time in proper image optimization

Having a gigantic and pointless image with no clear CTA above the fold of your email is a surefire way to scare customers away. To increase open rate, optimize your images so they offer valuable information and have a clear call-to-action below them. This will pique your audience’s interest while pushing them to keep scrolling down.

Consider the platform on which your audience views their emails. Some people may choose to disable email image loading while using Gmail, Apple Mail, or Outlook. Past research shows that 43% of Gmail users turn off the images feature on email. Therefore, always include relevant alt text for your images, so your reader knows what it’s about in case they can’t see them.

One other thing to keep in mind is size. Images with smaller dimensions will make it easier for devices to render them correctly. Reduce file size and the actual size of your images to decrease loading time and enhance user experience.

Going for a more minimalistic layout that’s easy to digest

It’s incredibly likely that your reader doesn’t have the time (or desire) to skim through a heavy email with tons of bright colors or complicated layouts. Authenticity is the key to success here, so humanizing your brand and adding a minimalist design lets you establish a deeper connection with your audience.

In 2020, try keeping it simple to increase click-to-open rate. Rely on white space, clean images, and restricted color palettes to increase conversion and engagement.

To do so, provide your readers with a clear CTA (preferably 44×44 pixels) early on to allow them to act without scrolling much further.

Artificial Intelligence

We both know that the continuous growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence is inevitable. And in 2020, AI is having a strong influence over email marketing.

However, one thing is for sure: artificial intelligence can’t replace human thinking and creativity. In the end, it can only serve as a tool to automate processes, increase work efficiency, and generate sales faster than before.

Leveraging AI into your email marketing strategy can help you create highly personalized emails that drive potential customers into buying your products. With the help of algorithms, you now can customize your content by analyzing your audience’s behaviors and interests. This allows you to create smarter segmentation that ensures performance improvement and cross-channel optimization.

Another great perk of AI-infused email marketing is enhanced automation. One important aspect of a successful email marketing campaign is knowing when to send your emails. And with artificial intelligence, you can now have a firmer grip on the subject. You can use predictive analysis to create automation strategies that work based on previous email interactions and behaviors – imagine programming an email to be delivered the second your reader opens her/his inbox!

Lastly, artificial intelligence in 2020 can help you optimize multivariate and A/B testing by having algorithms analyze your current developments. Right now it is completely possible to identify key differences between tests made with and without the assistance of AI and adjust your email marketing strategy accordingly.


The increasing popularity of smart devices and voice assistants has made it widespread to listen to our emails aloud. Therefore, digital and email marketers have taken this opportunity to include some necessary features like auditory CTAs to increase conversion. 

However, accessibility doesn’t solely benefit people who rely on voice search.

What about people with permanent or temporary disabilities? According to the World Health Organization, about 2.2 billion people have some sort of visual impairments worldwide.

Designing emails that are accessible to your subscribers (including those with impairments or who use smart devices) will undoubtedly result in higher CTRs and sales. Not to mention the huge advantage you’ll be having against your competitors.

The key to creating accessible emails is to organize and describe all elements in a way screen readers and voice assistants understand. This allows the user to receive accurate information about what your email is about and what your offer is.

So, without boring you with too many details, here are some simple elements you can integrate to your practices to leverage accessibility:

  • Semantic markup in your HTML to provide clear communication with browsers.
  • Well-designed HTML tables that screen readers and smart devices can fully interpret.
  • Clear and descriptive alt text for your images.
  • Appropriate text alignment that doesn’t focus on center-aligned text.
  • Clear-cut hierarchies in your email’s body.
  • Shorter and straightforward content that describes your offer as best as possible.

Email Marketing is In Full Swing in 2020

With the many trends that this new year is bringing to marketing and SEO practices, it’s only natural to feel overwhelmed. And as 2020 unfolds and newer and smarter technologies make their way into the market, designing a top-notch email marketing campaign is the true key to success.

The three subjects described above are only the beginning of what’s coming in the following years.

I suggest you treat all of them with the same level of importance, and you’ll see how your business will attract more clients than ever before. Keeping an eye on mobile optimization, artificial intelligence, and accessibility will bring more sales, increase conversion, and boost CTR faster than the speed of light.